Reference: SCHHS1

Brand: Schrade


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7 1/8" x 1" sharpening steel with chisel point. Lanyard hole with leather lanyard. Brown leather belt sheath.

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Reference: BM008

Brand: Benchmark


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4.38" closed. 3.38" stainless blade. Black and silver metal alloy handle.

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Reference: OTSFL10

Brand: Flugz

Hearing Protection

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One pair-right and left. Hearing protection that can be formed and fitted to ear canal. Firm inner core retains structure and shape. Soft formable hook end locks into outer ear. Firm composite grip and lanyard post. Comes in clear, microwavable container with reusable rubber top with lanyard hole. Noise reduction rating of 21 decibels. Hang packaged.

Price $24.99